Afer the release of Bitcoin in 2009, there was derisions and scepticism before a gradual acceptance of bitcoin, and now amazingly Governemnts and banks are planning to build their own digital currencies. Crytocurrencies are new revolutions that has stand firm and grows every single day, among countries that are exploring crypto's, Sweden is the front runner amongs others.
The Venezuelan Governement is arguably backing crytocurrencies against petro, he says Crypto's will be used as a meansto alleviate the economic pressure imposed on the country, he believes that cryto's are the future of economy, and will be wise to adapt by digital currencies from now, so as to improve financial in the future, he also admitted that theGovernemnt backing e-currency in Venezuela will bring beneficial returns for society in his country, a fintech platformin Finland has also teamed up with the Finnish government to help asylum seekers gain entry into the banking system.
Reading on news yesterday, bitcoin was said to have decreased in number of insecurity to a decrease of 80%, which is a good news, with the emergence of blockchain which has been a very secured tool for crytocurrencies with the secure didgitalcapabilities that has been developed, blockchain is a secured means of storing data and completing transactions. Backers say it can be used for land registries, identity-management systems, health-care records and even elections.



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