The store really wasn’t all that far, and the weather was beautiful. It seemed only natural to make the trip on foot. It’s healthy, and I had the time for it anyway. I left the house and walked past my car, heading down the sidewalk in a leisurely pace, wondering what I should have for dinner that day. It was late afternoon, and I felt particularly cheerful. Maybe because it was my day off. Maybe because of the great weather. Maybe a combination of those reasons. Nevertheless, I felt like nothing could ruin this day for me.
I got to the store in due time, and entered. It was a simple supermarket, one of those smaller ones that just barely sell everything you’d need on a regular basis. Really, it was more like an oversized convenience store rather than an actual supermarket. But that was fine for me. It was convenient, after all.
After about ten minutes of wandering around trying to decide, I ended up buying some meat. Chicken sounded good, I could cook it and make some rice as a side dish, maybe even put some canned sweet corn in it… deliciousness! I couldn’t wait to get home and get started with it.
It was about that time, having just left the store, when I noticed the stray dog following behind me. It wasn’t exactly an unusual sight to see dogs on the street, but looking back several times, it seemed to be making a beeline for me the entire time. I’m not very at home with dog breeds, but it was a larger kind, with short brown fur and largish hanging ears. Whenever I looked behind me, it stared me back in the eyes.
I hurried my steps, and in the following minutes I could have sworn I was seeing things. Were there always this many dogs in the city? There’s one right there, by that parking car! And there’s one just staring at me from the alley! And there’s another one on the other side of the road, following my every step with its eyes like it’s spying on me! But that’s impossible, right?
The real fright began when I left the downtown area and was getting near to my street. Looking behind me, I almost screamed in surprise – a small pack of dogs were following me, all of then staring at me intently. Some of them were small, some of them were big, and they came in various colors from cream to brown. They were not snarling, they didn’t look at all threatening aside from the obvious, but that just made it worse. It was like they were organizing, and plotting something at my expense.
Afraid, I hurried my steps and turned down onto the street where I lived, but to my surprise, they were waiting for me. Right in front of my fence, at the entrance gate, three large dogs were sitting, never taking their eyes off of me. When I stopped, the middle one, a large brown dog with ears pointing towards the sky… it stood up, staring at me. I could have sworn it was frowning. Panicked, I looked at them.
“I-is this what you want?!” I said with a shaky voice, pulling the meat from my bag. “Is this why you all are following me?! You can have it! Leave me alone!”
With a thoughtless motion, I threw the bag in front of the lead dog. It plopped onto the ground with a sound that was loudened by the silence around me. For a few seconds, nothing moved. Then, the lead dog stepped forward and grabbed the bag up with its mouth, and headed off. The other dogs took another glance at me, then silently followed.
I stared at them as they left, completely in disbelief. I had no idea what to think of any of what just happened. I only knew one thing for sure.
Seems like I’m having a sandwich for dinner after all.



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