Every time you see someone doing something better than you and that little fight or flight mechanism starts to light up, stop.
Don't try to be better.  Be different.
Don't play the game like everyone else and hope to be the best.  Change the rules.  Play a different game.  This shift forces creativity, self-discovery, and big breakthroughs.  It channels competition into its highest use and drives specialization and the division of labor, instead of commodification, imitation, and homogenization.  It turns everyone into valuable sources of inspiration, information, and collaboration, instead of threats and intimidation.
If you want to know what this looks like in business, check out the book Play Bigger.


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"There's always someone better / if you want to be the best / there's always satisfaction / in being different from the rest". A little poem I devised when I was trying to figure out the nature of competition, cooperation, and specialization. Everyone can be #1 at something with specialization and should compete to be, but not everyone can be #1 at every niche and so I find it profitable and useful to find niches with less competition and dominate them, rather than try to dominate a crowded niche. You could try to become the "best violinist", but there are a ton of violinists in the world, but perhaps you might find some different stringed instrument to become the best at that people haven't explored, or try to find a specific kind of violin piece to master that others haven't, etc.
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bigger better fast is in essence cloning what already exists which in turn cements what is perceived to be 'the truth'.
What if the truth actually sits in the gaps which widen as the cement cracks?
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