On this week's episode of Office Hours, TK and Isaac reconcile the extreme confidence of world-class athletes with the playfulness you need to get started in any new discipline.
Then they dive into listener questions on staying competitive when you make a change later in your career and how to overcome the loss of a key member of your company.
- How to people in their 40's and 50's compete with all the young talent out there when making a career change?
- You guys talk a lot about how to leave an organization, but how to deal with a great employee leaving from your organization?
Topics Discussed:
- Reconciling the extreme confidence of a champion with the playful attitude you need to get started in a new discipline
- Building confidence through experience
- It's almost always easier to learn from a fellow beginner than from an expert
- Don't eliminate opportunities before you actually have them
- Not assuming what employers want
- Turning disadvantages into advantages
- Working through the loss of a key team member
- The motivation of overcoming challenges
- Recent book recommendations


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