I am a cryptominer, i basically decided to convert one of my rooms to a cryptomining office where i donate my computing power all having about 32GB RAM, 1 Terabyte of Disk space, and GPU's. Electricity is not much of a challenge, i have inverters, and soon planning on a solar power energy. I started mining bitcoin since last year, it has been a wonderful journey. Early this year i joined the worldcommunitygrid.org to donate my computing power to important projects and disease control in the World. Basically the computing power helps scientific reseachers on topics related to health, poverty and sustainability, i represent the team lead of my country, it has been a great joy to know how far and how helpful this projects has been to the outside World, especially to the less priviledged, homeless, also for effective treatment of cancer, HIV/AIDS and neglected tropical diseases. The World community grid has supported about 29 research projects to date with the help of computing power donated from around the globe. They have effectively made.
Let's help change the world, anyone can do same by using your extra computing power to help people around the world you never knew. The World Community Grid has enabled important scientific advances in cancer treatment and clean energy. Their Scientists have produced over 35 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and have completed the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of years of research in less than a decade. They are the biggest volunteer computing initiative devoted to humanitarian science. Below are my recent Active research using my computing power. In a day donate about 1k GB of computing power.

Harvard University's Clean Energy Project has discovered over 35,000 organic materials that have the potential to double the average efficiency of organic solar cells. This advance was made possible by scanning over two million materials on World Community Grid. Previously, organic solar cells were made from fewer than 10 highly efficient molecules, which were painstakingly discovered one by one. Now, there are thousands more to explore - an exponential increase. This development received public praise from the US White House Office of Science and Technology Policy for its role in advancing materials science.

Not long i started for today, you can see the stats of my Computing donations. The scientists who established this field were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013. The Nobel Prize Committee stated: "Today the computer is just as important a tool for chemists as the test tube. Simulations are so realistic that they predict the outcome of traditional experiments."
You can join me in making the World a better place by donating your computing space today. It feels great to help people around the globe suffering and in pains. You can join my team at https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=1073904.

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While this is seemingly a nice hearty post, I feel something stings here.
For first, it is clear to everybody, who uses brain, that what couses illness, cancer included, lately, is the lifestyle we are having, food we are eating, stress we are living, constant radiation, wi_fi, our disconection with the nature and ourselfs. It is not so big sience.
Secondly, the website you are reffering and either do not know how to, or do not want to add link to, has a big IMB logo. Which made me research more about that company, and it stings to me. So people will donate computing power, and allow them to get into our world, life, data? Do you know, what they are doing? Read history page in wiki. Maybe your intentions are pure, and maybe not.
Changig world for better.
The tons of money wasted in such a sience research would feed milions of poeple.
Hopefully BCH people know that, and doing their best to support @EatBCH in Venezuela and South Sudan for start.
Would be nice If I am wrong. Likely I am not.

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@mishapelt. Well you might be right in your own words and thoughts, i appreciate your concern. The thing is intelligent people who uses their brain to show compassion for the poor, those suffering from several chronic diseases, with most lacking the capacity to treat themselves, which results to the high records of untimely dead amongst the society, owing to the fact that all this is caused by the recent lifestyle we live in, all focus their brains to solve problems with the maximum capacity they can contribute to the society.

I can understand if your mobile phone might be outdated, but the referred website is very much valid, and it's been run by IBM, there are over 7k volunteers with right sense of humour and human sympathy already donating their computer power for a right purpose, even if they have to take the risk of making themselves vulnerable to their personal details, the joy is the help they render to the world with a justified pure mind. God gave us so much, what are we doing to give back to others or to God's people, when having the opportunity? You probably might be an atheist, but you were obviously and undisputedly created by God.
Now with the help of researchers, HIV/AIDS are now very much curable, like minded people contributed to that success... If you give a certain amount of money to the orphanage, you don't focus your mind on if they used your money to feed the orphans, you just do your part and God rewards you for it. We are strangers in this World. The support for Venezuelans is a great start up project, i am glad at it, and will give my maximum support for it base on my capacity.
Would be nice If I am wrong. But Likely I am not.
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