Dr. Craig Wright at Coingeek Toronto Conference on May 30th, 2019
"So, what Bitcoin is really about is creating an immutable single ledger. We haven't had that in any time in history.
People had multiple books. Now, we can have a ledger for everything. That means we can allow people to start trading, trusting and doing things without any fear of being scammed or anything like this.
Now, imagine now. One of the things talked about today was the concept of having a peer solution for monitoring service. But we can do that for anything.
So, weather we can have phone data that is peered. People can take out outliers, too high too low, that is obviously wrong. But average - and just running a device - now earns you money.
That means we don't need to have a weather bureau. We don't need to have all these government departments setting things. Because people can earn money being part of the society that builds everything around us.
Everything that we can think of that could be possibly be delivered can be automated. Allowing not machines taking over but people interacting.
And this is the key... We've gone to this Silicon Valley dream which is the stupidest, most horrible thing I've ever heard where we allow machines to replace people. Every time we look at A.I. , we find that simple A.I. - a machine, is beaten by a machine plus a person.
This whole concept of "driverless cars will replace us", they are not going to replace us anytime soon. In fact, new timeframe was pushed out another decade. And it will be again and again, because they don't understand. The brain is not computer. It is not even similar.
But we can do is to use the vast computational power that we can get from computers and augment people. And augment society with honest connection where we can not have to validate everything we are doing because it's all just there honestly allow us to create all sorts of interactions.
That's the important bit, people interacting. Not a machine can do that.
But how do we get people to work together, to interact? Something bigger. Not just in a country, not in a city but globally. How do we enable people in third world countries to start earning small amount of money doing simple tasks? How do we bring everyone together and get them to understand each other?
That's what I hope to see in Bitcoin. "
From YouTube clip published by Agora on June 9th, 2019


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