I was going to back up my statement of following tweet, which you will find behind the pay wall.
It was an action.
To find focus and peace, I packed my computer, towel, water, phone, usb cabel for thetering, tobacco, and off I went.
At first, to the nature, if you like dark and water, see the video. :-)
But then I gave up. Mosquitos would eat me, I could not really sit, and to little light, I have to look sometimes at the keyboard. So I went to the villlage.

I looked aroung ( we are here only few days) and did not found a spot. I seen a kafebar, and thought I can get koffe (for the concentration) and sit on empty terrace. When I came in, they had the koffee machine cleaned up already, and were closing soon. She would let me sit on the terrase even if colsed, but some man prohibided it. Not too friendly to strangers, and foregners, obviously.
I left. Without anger and with smile.
Seen church and walked bit around, met poeple who did not answer my hello.

I felt so much negative energy, and at the same time, I was aware of my strenght. I though to myself: I am an amazing girl, doing amazind things, they have no idea, I do not let it enter my system. And I succeded. It is only now, that I remember it.

I made me comfortable on a bench, took my things out. Took few deep breaths. And rolled a cigarette.

Iwrote down kind of sheme. Continuum. Figured out its 12 days from Monay Button launche and how much have happened since.
And started to write.
It went wery well.
I was expressing things easily, adding a lot of links. Going through my screenshots and uploading them on Igmur. I add all relative links, I could.

After some time, warning came I am running out of batery.
I sent message to my partner.
For those who can decifer it: Batery low. Im coming home. Have a structure written (the challenging part) and im like in half. Going well tought.
Need to finish it today with same energy.

I came home. Kids demanding me. It was after eleven, I think. After attemt to make one of them sleep, I lost some time again. When I finaly go to the computer, I found out, that the draft was saved, but without the article, images and tweets inside.

I wrote to @Ryan. I worte it to Money Button telegram. It was also about Money Button, after all. And it is not solved.
It is most likely lost. The draft is there, but without all of the work I have done.

I dont know, why I am writing now about it. Probably to produce something.
Earn too. is 1 am, and I left at 8. It is FIVE hours. Normaly I dont mind that much, I do a lots of "work" all the time and I am not payed for it. But I feel, like I did not write like this before. With so much visuals, and examples.
Its pity. I will do it again, soon, and hopefuly even better.

Oh, and I have one more mantra!

With Money Button, good things are happening...

You guys dont need to go behind the paywall, I will write the article anyhow. But hey....
it was not totaly my fault, was it? The comp did not even felt off, I put it to sleep.
5 hours of work lost

When I reach 100 usd, I will make the post public for 1 cent.


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