Beastfolk are grotesque warrior-beast hybrids of fierce animal and primitive human that skulk the forests of the world. They are based on the Beastmen Army of Warhammer Fantasy.
Brazen and powerful, the muscular Beastfolk Long Horn (CR1/2) looks to gore enemies with its twisted horns before cutting them down with rusted axe and bloodied hoof. Filled with primal fury, few things short of death can ease its bloodlust!
The paid content consists of a link to the Hombrewery online application depicting three Beastfolk Long Horn stat blocks. The stat blocks contain the same content but are formatted slightly differently to account for preference. You can download a .pdf of the stat blocks or view the source used from the link provided.
This content relates to the Role Playing Game Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and was created using the Homebrewery Tool:
Update (04-02-18, V2) - Updated the Stat Block Name/ Removed Trample Ability/ Removed Abyssal from languages/ Added Darkvision
Beastfolk Stat Block Series:


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