We're moving at the speed of Bitcoin... charging forward with permissionless innovation as we create what is possibly the soon-to-be standard for tokens on Bitcoin Cash. SLP is Simple Ledger Protocol. An open source protocol, free and open for all to use under the MIT license.
Today I completed the second screen - SLP History. This will be like the history tab on Electron Cash, but only showing the token transactions. It is slightly simpler than the history tab as it will not have a balance or label description. Balance tallies make less sense here when different tokens can be in the same list; we will show balances of tokens on a new tab which I'll describe later.
To code this, I just looked at how main_window.py and history_list.py were working together and tried to replicate it. There was a bit of confusion along the way figuring out how the wallet layer automatically figures out the datestamps, number of confirmations, etc... The wallet.py file was involved to pass the information correctly through the layers.
A minor challenge was getting the token descriptions back from the original config file in the right way (i just wrote a simple loop) and deciding the right format for the wallet file. As a result of the wallet file logic, the new wallet data was simplified to just store the transaction id, the amount, and the token type. But then I hit some trouble... The context menu wasn't working (right click to see the transaction detail). I had trouble tracking it down exactly because the code thread got lost in the multithreading when debugging.
Calin helped me out a bit; he has a ton of experience in QT, which is the GUI framework used by the wallet.
It turned out I was missing a couple of critical lines that I didn't realize were necessary. Finally, we removed the editing on the 'stretch column', which used to be the description but now is the token type. This is the kind of thing you have to know QT for. You'll hear updates soon on what the other devs are doing... I'm especially excited for what unwriter will be releasing. Up next for me is the new "token management" tab... Stay tuned! :)


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Great to see it happening in real-time. Thanks for not waiting for permission.
   2yr ago
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Great work. Such a big supporter of SLP and great to see such rapid development of key infrastructure such as this. Will be watching this space closely. :)
   2yr ago