Hey world! I don’t know if many of you know, but coinbase.com is giving away some crypto coins to people who complete very simple educational videos. You register or log in, go to “Earn”, watch a short video sequence (with useful info), and voila! - get about $10 in Tezos, Dai, Ox, Lumens, zcash, etc., each. You can raise some of them to $50 if you invite up to 4 friends using your links (which I should probably do now)
Be warned: some crypto has run out and all you need to do is get on the waiting list and wait for it to reappear. So if you go to register and there are no tasks available, they must come back because the “earn” offer is still there, just keep checking your email or the website itself
Another warning: offer is unavailable in some countries
Earn EOS: (up to $50)
Earn Stellar Lumens: (up to $50)
Good luck to you all!