Another month has passed. How fast time flies. Almost forgot to publish this, sorry!
We are also in contact with others who want to start their own eatBCH organization for their communities, both in Venezuela and South Sudan. While we will try to verify the validity of such organizations, this is a permissionless space, and so some people may try to use the eatBCH name to make a quick buck. We advise you to always do your own research before donating to an organization.
Recently, there have been another person/group that allegedly started a similar initiative in the country. As we mentioned back then, we have no relationship with them nor are we endorsing them. He/they did contacted us a few days ago asking for "support". After inquiries we couldn't verify the work he was supposedly doing, especially with the amount of bitcoins spent. Thank you for everybody who DYOR and made us aware of this.
As always, thank you for your immense support.

Balance Report
In the spirit of transparency, we are publishing June's balance sheet. Thanks to John Moriarty for his help editing this report. Please understand that doing so can be difficult, however, given the volatility of not only our national currency, the VEF, but also of Bitcoin Cash. Most prices in Venezuela go up weekly, and the price volatility of cryptocurrency in general is impossible to predict. We also considered that it was prudent to not be too detailed, else we might help a malicious third party track us down.
In spite of all that, we still wanted to account for all your generous donations and be as transparent as we can. So we’ve prepared a special spreadsheet to make public, keeping it as simple but as detailed as possible, without exposing ourselves too much. Here it is:
The spreadsheet will explain our reasons for exchanging the amount of BCH that we did. That doesn’t mean, however, that we used all of it during that week. There may be some left over for the next week. We appreciate any advice you may have that would make this process better.
Our History: What started as a $5 tip challenge has grown into a project funded by weekly donations to feed Venezuelan people. The only condition for the original weekly donation was that we would send pictures of what we gave away, and those pictures were released via what has become our main media outlet: the eatBCH twitter page. News from Venezuela is mostly bad news, and some things get worse by the day. But thanks to the amazing outpouring of support, and thanks to the news sites who are giving us some of their time and space, we are working towards changing the tone of news coming from Venezuela. Since the very first day the support has been overwhelming. Thanks again to everyone who helps make this project possible!
-The eatBCH Team



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When you say "could not verify", simply just logistically unable (different city?) or were they not willing to provide evidence?
I'm planning on building a website where we curate profiles of charities such as yours which have been vetted to some degree. I want to make it easier for people to feel safe doing charitable giving with BCH.
   2yr ago