Although I am not in the league of Bitcoiners who have heavily studied economics or are aiming to run an enterprise scale business operation, these are some things I know:
I do not inquire about the political beliefs of the honey vendor/lady at my local Farmers’ Market. I do know that she is there every other week, and that she will give me a deal on multiple jars when possible.
I do not know the religion of the shoe store owners at the mall. My least favourite shopping environment might be a shopping mall, but it’s where my family finds the best selection of athletic shoes for a pre-teen and teenager with rapidly growing feet.
When I buy shipping and packaging supplies online (for selling greeting cards and art prints), I am not at all concerned about becoming friends with the company owner/supplier. It doesn’t matter if our personalities clash. The transaction is mutually beneficial. Of course, I do appreciate helpful customer service if/when there is an issue with my order or shipping. If such issues are resolved in a timely and professional manner, I am more likely to re-order from that supplier.


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