Hello friends, this time I present the Venezuelan Educational System from the 3 perspectives from where I have lived: as a student, as a teacher and as a representative.
For many years I have seen the great involution that has had is not only of this moment, The SEV has historically been shown as one of the worst things developed in my country, where you can see that the teacher is always the winner , in one of the few cases except the economic part.
According to the constitution of our country is free and mandatory, if this were true, more than one person should go to jail, because even today only 20% of the Venezuelan population study in any of the grades, basic, medium, diversified or professional, in terms of the part that is currently free public institutions ask for a "collaboration" and is that due to the same economic situation of the country can not cope with all the maintenance required by the institution.
On the other hand, of the 365 days of the year there is barely 190 days of class without the days of "advice", or those days where for any reason there are no activities in the institution.
Here there is the "Summer" but only as an educational term, since here there are only two seasons summer (always hot) or autumn (it always rains).
The summer was created because the custom was brought from the old education of the USA where if they have the 4 stations, in that station there can not be given classes because in the schools there is heating therefore it is very hot.
Here most of the schools currently have air conditioning there is always good atmosphere either in heat or in rain.
From my perspective as a student:
When I studied, in the middle and diversified part, I could say that I was an average student, I believe that the level of demand could have been higher since I had developed more skills and abilities for adult life, besides that I think that my IQ and my abilities they only mediated them with 4 to 5 questions in an exam, when a part of the topic escaped me it was simple for the professors to class me as a bad student. That is to say, no more specific and personalized evaluations were carried out to really discover the cognitive level of each one.
Even in this era, some 15 years after leaving high school, it is incredible that they still send books like Doña Bárbara and 100 years of solitude as part of the curriculum, which in my opinion was extremely boring and monotonous, if I had been presented with some book like those of Dan Brown or the Hunger Games would suddenly interest me more reading. With this what I want to say is that it is necessary to renew the curriculum adapting it to changes in today's society
From my perspective as a teacher
I am a graduate in Education, Industrial Area Electricity, one of my goals as a teacher was to try to change that paradigm that a teacher is hated, boring and monotonous, but as in my student phase, I was not allowed to go beyond the work What I had to do, the good young students had to remain so and the bad guys had to remain so, all this regardless of the criteria that I had about it.
In one way or another, I wanted everyone to be interested in my subject, regardless of whether they were good or bad students, how to increase their knowledge in the area, so they would improve their grades and achieve it, but the board does not I liked that. In other cases when according to the directive some students were very good academically and according to my criteria they were not, then the opposite was not the same as the directive.
In another moment I remember adapting myself to the system and began to evaluate in an absolutely objective way without crude piety and strong crude with high demands, at that time a teacher told me: "if you want to take care of your job, allow the student to approve this way either the highest note "for me doing that meant being dishonest, my morals did not allow me to do that, so I was fired from that institution for working in the way I thought was right, since then because of the disappointment I have not exercised education, this It happened in the year 2011.
From my perspective as a representative
My son Sebastian is within the Autistic Spectrum, he has many capacities which I have objectively noticed. I could say that his autism type is Asperger's syndrome because although he does not speak coherently since he was 2 years old he learned perfectly the numbers, now he even recognizes them in English and Spanish, has a very good musical ear for percussion, knows the Also in English and Spanish, you can learn songs in a matter of minutes just by listening to them once you hum them, it is very affectionate and extremely strong and I weigh about 80 kilos and he can get me up just 4 years old.
The activities he performs are sometimes the same: pasting small pieces of paper, drawing lines and circles, when in preschool they should start to know the letters, the numbers and at least write their names.
Due to its difficulty in socializing, it has already gone through 3 different schools and none of them have given it the attention it requires, since the same system does what the teacher wants and not what the child can demonstrate. want to please me with abilities and skills in the report cards that are well that my son does not own or realize, because they are interested in having the representative happy hiding the true behavior of the child, I understand that now there are fathers and mothers who are upset by what they They say about their children, but if there is not a good relationship between teacher and representative, education can not advance as it should.
On the other hand, my son attends an institute for autistics in my locality that has allowed him to advance in the aspects that are affected by the condition, showing a great advance in them, this could not have been done only with the regular school.
Thanks for reading me! If you have any opinion or experience to tell, you can leave it in the comments.


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In Yugoslavia education was for free and it was mandatory (primary & highschool, uni not) and everyone did have to not only attend but had to pass every subject, if any one subject was failed, student had to repeat whole year.
   2mo ago
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Greetings, @dmfmar, @ -ed-, in Venezuela, education is also free and as there is also private education, from the government, there is free from maternal, to the university, in high school if the subjects you retest, you repeat the full school year.
   2mo ago
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Just like everywhere else, your "education" was designed so that u end up working for somebody else (for the rest of your life) after u graduate.
   2mo ago