Many times I'm about to give up, I have 8 years trying to finish my house and every day I see it more impossible, the salary is not enough to eat, pay rent and cover the expenses of my little ones, despite being professional today in day is hard to build and my most precious dream is to finish my house and to give a roof to my daughters, day by day I ask God to help me overcome all obstacles and at least finish my house, I do not see that moment I can buy the cables to put electricity to the house, at least culminate with the windows doors and be able to enable a bathroom to move, is what I need most.
This new year I ask God to give me strength and I can continue with the great dream of giving a roof to my little ones.
This year I will work on this platform to be able to use it or spend it on the continuation of my house, this was a light at the end of the tunnel that I got.


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I understand your situation, because you do not ask for any help with credit or something that can help you, although I know that at the end of the account it is not easy.I do not have much to collaborate with you but here I leave you something. Greetings, success
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