There is nothing more criminal than sanctioning a whole town. The sanctions that Venezuelans suffer are Dantesque, unnatural ... but above all, unfair! Let's see:
First, people have been forced to crowd into structures derived from government parties to be served by kidnapped public institutions, when our magna Carta recognizes any social organization for lawful purposes and guarantees us freedom of thought. For 20 years, Venezuelans are forced to become cooperatives, Bolivarian circles, technical tables, communal councils, UBCH, communes and stop counting, staining our sacred right to choose how to organize or simply not do it, this is one of the most sanctions ancient used by Venezuelan Castroism to partisan society, kneel in front of the rulers, manipulate it.
Secondly, insecurity is probably the worst sanction, the inhabitants of Venezuela must confine themselves to leaving their homes, paying for vaccines, subordinating themselves to all criminal gangs that have proliferated in these two unfortunate decades and acting freely in various modalities; pranatos, armed groups, within the forces of public order, among others, insecurity allied to the regime, in the style of praetorian force to intimidate / crush "enemies".
Thirdly, one of the first sanctions in the era of Venezuelan Castroism, we were soon sanctioned for thinking differently, former President Chávez was responsible for pointing out, judging those who did not think like him, called to fry his head of the adecos, he called his adversaries squalid, pitiyanquis, oligarchs, wigs, majunches, traitors, among a host of epithets that marked and left exposed those who believed his model was wrong, doomed to failure, as indeed occurred.
Fourth, one of Chavismo's worst sanctions against the people, economic matters, forcing Venezuelans to form "collectivized means of production" failed scheme throughout the history of mankind, but not only that, he resented resentfully, privileged economies, businessmen and workers from other nations seeking international unconditionality by indolent governments towards Venezuelans, all in voracious detriment of the Creole productive sector sanctioned only for demanding respect for universal economic laws: consensual laws and institutionality.
Fifth, the innumerable laws imposed through reddish red parliaments and through enabling laws, which made enforced legal frameworks without consulting the sectors involved. Venezuelans were sanctioned to forcefully accept the Cuban model through legislatures that dramatically misrepresented our Venezuelan identity, all our economic, political and social processes.
In sixth place the controls, for more than a decade Venezuelans have been sanctioned by limiting and conditioning the acquisition of our currencies, controls and rations that force us how, when, what and in what quantity to eat, dress, where to live, in short, a regime that sanctions its own and strangers through basic needs
We could continue, however, by arguing enough, we show that the one who has cruelly sanctioned Venezuelans as no one ever did in 500 years of history has been Chavism, first with Chavez, now with Maduro ... he will continue to do it whoever is leading the way by imposing this Cuban project immersed in corruption, premeditated neglect and all kinds of harassment of democracy, a paradisiacal project for rulers and close friends, but a nightmare for the people, sanctioning it with an outrageous survival ... Indeed COURT OF CRIMINAL SANCTIONS!


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