Life in Venezuela is contradictory. It is an unpredictable, uncontrolled and not at all routine life. This has its positive and negative side. Positive because you do not get bored, there is always something new that the social and economic crisis provokes, normally they are situations that you have to overcome. As if it were a videogame where every day has a different difficulty. Negative because you must be very strong emotionally to not get depressed, not let yourself be carried away by those intense situations to which you were not used. We are forced to be very emotionally intelligent.
Personally, my life is really complicated. I work for more than 15 hours a day. 6 days a week. I only have a free day on Sundays. I am 25 years old, I am a young man who has stopped living many things of his "age" to work and bring some food to his house. There are few occasions in which I can recreate with my friends. I do not even think about a girlfriend, I do not have time to dedicate it. Even though I have two jobs I only earn $ 40 per month. That only reaches to eat with a little decency and dignity. But for nothing else: zero clothes, zero walks, nothing more.

Working 24/7

My friends have been kind enough to leave an outdoor walk for Sunday so I can attend. That day everyone should bring their lunch. I took white pasta with grated cheese. It's all I could carry (And water). I had a lot of fun and helped me get out of my harsh daily reality. We obtained unparalleled views of our city. And at the end we bathed in the pool that has one of my bosses on the outskirts of the city (which we walked).

Sequence of the walk.

The Landscape.

Whenever I go to an event with my friends I think about what life was like before, things that used to be normal, routine, nothing out of the ordinary. Now they are a complete luxury: going to a pool, going to the movies, dining out, buying a sweet, having a beer. Very few can afford this now. And that is emotionally strong. I really think sometimes that this is a nightmare and I just want to wake up.
I am a professional chef and I am looking for an opportunity to get out of this episode in which I find myself trapped. I hope to find the support to raise just $ 300 to start my own food business. This would really help me and my environment. I consider myself a person who thrives in many ways and I am sure of achieving economic prosperity through my passion: cooking. If you can help me, I will be very grateful.



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