If you are really into digital money and blockhain tech, then you shouldn't miss these popular songs that have been written to promote bitcoins, blockchain tech, and some songs even describe the life of traders and hodlers of cryptocurrencies. So go ahead and grab your headset or wireless speaker and enjoy this kind of music. You'll love it as much as I do. If not, leave a comment and roast me.
1. Hodl Gang
This comes at the 1st spot, because I like the beat and lyrics of the song. It's actually a parody of the song "Gucci".
Right from the start of the song, it's already catchy. It starts with the lyrics: "Cyptogang, ethergang, bitgang, litegang, cash game, blockchain WOAH ! I don't really ever buy stocks man, nope.Haters wanna say I'm in a bubble man (BLOW).Ch-chew em up like a bubble gum (DOPE). Just made a mil out of my pocket change yo."
This is A+ hilarious. We all know what BTFD means. Buy the fucking dip. In the current bear market, this is our theme song, and although HODL Gang is on my top list, this song is the one on repeat on my playlist. You'll get positive vibes singing along with the chorus part: "I'll buy the dip dipping. I'll buy the dip dipping. I'll buy the motherfucking dip. BTFD!"
3. Bitcoin Song
This song is heavenly sweet. So, if you want a relaxing song about Bitcoin, go ahead and listen to this.
4. The Bitcoin Dip - We Miss You
I love this one. It is catchy, and it tells about the life of the cryptotraders who bought at the top, but the dip messed it all up. It also talks about how BTC was still at 10 cents, and somehow the singer miss the old price of BTC.
Favorite lyric from the song: "Jamie Dimon, out of breath. On his knees praying for Bitcoin's death."
5. Welcome to the Blockchain
Not only does this song have a great beat, it's also educational especially for the cryptocurrency beginners. It sounds better the more you listen to this.
Bonus: Cryptocurrency Parody of Bohemian Rhapsody
The one who made this parody is really brilliant. All the lyrics match the tune and rhythm of the song.
I like this certain part of the song: "I'm just a poor boy but that will all change you see, because bull market come, bull market go; hodl high, hold low."
Well, I hope that these songs give you the cryptovibes, and remember to HODL even when market is red. But I know you. You buy high and sell low. *winks*

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Anyone else remember this one from way back in '13?
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@Finlay Stewart hahaha yes that's a great one.
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