When you’re planning the wedding, there are many things that will require your attention. You’ll come across a few things that are absolutely necessary and many others that might come in handy. Here, we have discussed some points that will absolutely help you out in planning out your wedding in a manner that nothing gets missed out.
Be Organized
The first and foremost thing that you must do when starting to plan your wedding is to start maintaining a proper file with the quotations from different vendors and the notes from the meetings. You must also keep a track of all the expenses by writing it down in the file and also attach all the vendor bills for which you have paid in advance.
Take It Slow
Starting early means that you can go slow and give proper timing to all the planning concerns. The key to planning out a great wedding is that you must start early. The recommended time is 9-10 months you must start at least 6 months prior to the actual wedding date. This will allow you to have ample amount of time to think about everything and they make a decision on it. Starting early also means that you’ll have enough time at the last moment for final adjustments like alteration of the outfit or any changes in the final catering menu.
Ask Around
You must absolutely not shy away from asking people for help if you need it. You’ll be really surprised to see how many people will come forward to help you out in making your big day a memorable one. You can ask your relatives, cousins, friends or even your neighbors to help you out in planning and you’ll definitely be stunned by how many ideas you will have through them. Who knows, someone might even hook you up with one of the best wedding planners in Ahmedabad. You can also go ahead and have some honest conversation to your wedding vendors about what you actually want as they can tell you what you can and can’t make work given your wedding budget.
Leave Room For Additional Expenses
It is really very important to decide on an appropriate budget before going into the market checking prices of every service that you require. You must also try to adhere to the budget but remember to not make it so tight that there is no room for any additional expenses that might arise when planning the wedding.
Prioritize Your Guests
When you’re making the guest list, you must ensure that you only invite them who are really important to you, and the ones you want to share your happiness with. Before finalizing the guest list you must arrange it in an order of priority, and then think over it for a couple of days and make it absolute that you can’t cross off even one name from the list. You can actually categorize them in different tiers of priority with the first one being, the immediate family and best friends. Then in the second tier, you can include your uncles, aunts, cousins and close friends, and so on.
Check The Weather
You must check the weather on the day of your wedding on any local weather application and make sure that there is no chance of any rains. Even if there is slightest of the chances that mother nature might surprise you with rainfall or even a storm then you must prepare a plan B. You must also check the sunset and sunrise time on that day as it’ll help you schedule all the ceremonies accordingly.
These were the few tips, following which, will ensure that your wedding planning process becomes a bit easier. The above points make up for some of the things that can miss out and might get bigger as the wedding approaches or on the day of the wedding. So, considering them beforehand and planning accordingly will help mitigate the last moment troubles.


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