I am ashamed to know that those who spend their time begging are Venezuelans, I see people from Africa using their talent to receive rewards, it occurs to me then to make an example of how we should formally request a donation on this platform

First study the platform and breathe deeply, place your profile picture, fill in your biography and interact in some of the other


postput a picture of the patient with details of his body and a paper where you identify Yours.org


Name and surname with identity document of the patient, together with an explanation of the illness, it could be a visible medical report


It is not necessary to make the public aware of the terrible crisis in Venezuela, and everyone knows it, thanks to the media, the only thing you need is to point out that you are Venezuelan


Indicate specific amount you need and explain that you are doing a collection by any other means, maybe someone who is here instead of giving you money can guide you to other pages to give you donations


finally leave a pending post to update the fate of the reward, you have to make a post post to the first, so that users who donated you can see the result happy, a safe and sound patient is a fascinating news for all

If you liked make a donation to me, and share this post to make it more humane to help Venezuelans



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Good post and I agree
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