Joshua: Today, I am interviewing Satoshi Duckamoto, the creator of Satoshi Duckamoto Telegram Sticker. Great to see you, Duckamoto.
Duckamoto: Nice to see you too, Joshua.
Joshua: So, I hear you are a huge fan of Money Button.
Duckamoto: Yes. I love everything about Money Button; simple looks, simple function, easy to install, yet has a huge potential for creating new applications. Just like Excel spreadsheet.
Joshua: Excel spreadsheet?
Duckamoto: Absolutely. I get my ducks in a row for almost everything with spreadsheets. Cell A1...Duck...Cell B1...Duck...Cell C1...Duck…
Joshua: Yeah, I'm sure that's how you use spreadsheets. So, what brought you in to the BSV community?
Duckamoto: I saw the BSV logo. It was Ducky Yellow! I knew from the start that this was all meant to be for me.
Joshua: I'm pretty sure the logo color was meant to be "Dragon Gold" but whatever. I guess that shows that BSV's marketing effort is gradually having an effect.
Duckamoto: Not really, I think there is more that needs to be done. Perhaps my fellow duckies can help.
Joshua: Awesome. I look forward to seeing more duckies. Thank you for your time.
Duckamoto: My pleasure!