The nature of work environment is becoming more flexible over the years. Many people are opting to freelance or be self-employed. Hence, the need of a dedicated working space at home. A home office should be designed to inspire creativity and productivity. The last thing you want is to work on your bed or couch. A messy workspace decreases productivity and the motivation to work. You want an office space that is practical, ergonomic, clean and comfortable. Whether you got a small or a big space, we have the perfect décor inspirations for you.
• Paint it Up:
Create an accent wall in your workspace. If the paint of your house is a pastel color, paint the work area in bold and darker shades. Blackish grey is a great color to set the tone for a monochromatic décor. To complement the color, add furniture in black with brass accents.
• Get Creative:
If you live in a smaller space, it can be difficult to have a formal office. Get creative with your home décor accessories. Place your desk around a window. Choose small and multifunctional furniture. A desk with storage cabinets is great for storing documents, files, stationery, etc.
• Make it Minimalist:
A minimalist office is a simple and efficient space devoid of clutter. Choose furniture, décor items, and lighting that are simple and contemporary. To add a modern touch to your office space, choose a geometric pattern rug, lacquer desk, and sleek lighting. Use chic room decor items.
• Open Shelving:
Open shelves can help you stay organized. You can get creative and color coordinate your files, documents, and books to keep on these shelves.
• Calm Aesthetic:
Incorporate décor in shades of white, neutral and blue to accentuate a calm aesthetic in your office space. You can add aqua color cushions or a rug in shades of ocean blue. Add furniture in shades of white, blue and olive green.
• Go Green:
Placing some palms, bonsai, jade, and other plants can add a touch a freshness to your office. You can add a few succulents on your desk or fresh flowers in a ceramic flower vase. Add jute baskets to place office stationery, paper, etc.
• Conceal Exposed Clutter:
Clutter can make your space look smaller and unclean. You can conceal any clutter with a satin curtain to give a cleaner look. Use a curtain matching the color theme of your office.
• Artsy Elegance:
Whether it’s an abstract piece or a masterpiece by Claude Monet, a painting adds an elegant touch to your space. You can also create your own painting and get it framed.
These tips will enable you to make your space more work-friendly and productive.


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