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Yesterday, along with writing on this site, I decided to start being active on It works differently from Yours since you don't actually spent your crypto when you upvote something. Instead, you get a limited amount of voting power, and if you want to get more, you have to convert your "steem" (earned from "nothing" or bought for $$) into "steempower".
Voting itself doesn't take away your already earned crypto, however. There is just a fixed amount of how many votes you can do every day. The same goes for any other activity on the network. Writing posts, commenting, adding people to follow - all that takes what's called "resource credits", and once you use them up, it takes several days to recharge. That for me was an unpleasant surprise, and now I am trying to figure out how to raise my resource credits without spending a fortune of money that I don't have anyway :)
Anyway, steemit is an interesting community, and I'll be trying out and participating on both sites now, and I still have to figure out a lot about how all this works.
I think that success in making new friends, getting yourself heard, and making some coins along the way comes from our ability and desire to communicate in a certain way.
The "rule" is if you want people to read your posts, comment on them, and come back for more, the content you produce HAS to be interesting. However, there is another part to that rule - you also have to respond back and pay attention to people who read you, comment, share, and ask questions. A good idea is to check out their posts as well. If you don't do that and are too snobbish or constantly too busy to acknowledge the audience, inevitably it will drive many people away.
Now one might say - what if I don't care about the content my followers create?! What if I think it's a bunch or crap, or what if it's just NOT my topic and area of interest? I agree. There is no reason any of us should waste HOURS of time looking at something that we just honestly, truly don't care about. Time is precious, and I personally would rather spend most of it doing things I LOVE and doing them with "my" kind of people. BUT (!) making some effort to read and respond to a comment (or two, or three) along the way doesn't take that long. Acknowledging that you like someone's thoughts, or a beautiful picture, or a piece of music takes only one "like". It definitely has to be genuine though) I would not simply go around voting for things I disagree with or totally don't care about.
So, reciprocation. In social life, genuine reciprocation is important.
By the way, one thing missing in Yours is tags. Were they excluded purposely, or are they coming any time soon? It would make it sooo much easier to find content we LOVE.

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"In social life, genuine reciprocation is important." Yes!
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