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Thank you for your hard work on scalability and for sharing your opinons here publicly so we can all get better informed before making our decisions.
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I remember when Bitcoin Classic got release, 2MB increase sound to me too little. But the fact we had to hardfork was a good exercise to show that the network CAN upgrade and CAN move forward toward more improvements. Today I realized that the toxic environment of Bitcoin Core and Blockstream is a dead end. Those guys reject and censor every single idea that doesn't come from their inner circle. I don't see how that could win over other competitive coin that will improve and scale.
- LN is good in theory but we are far from paying a coffee with that... the funding will be slow, expensive and limited. The interface will be more complicated:
Explain to average Joe that this transaction need to open another channel because the merchant is not connected to your already open channel that did cost you 10$?
Explain that this particular morning the coffee cannot be paid with LN because you channel is empty. To refund it you need a "normal" transaction that cost 10$ and wait 10+ minutes for your coffee?
Explain that the amount your trying to sending via LN is too big because one of the intermediate node doesn't have the liquidity for it.
I'm not saying LN is doom to failed, but definitely something that have a long way to go. On-chain scaling is must and Bitcoin Cash have it.
   3yr ago
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