Food and fun in children's lives are fundamental for their growth and development, and especially for their ability to learn, this is part of a beautiful team that does not have the resources but with all the strength and desire to help and make this small space a world a wonderful place and let your laughter illuminate the day.

As we all know, summer has arrived and the children are already finishing classes, and these little angels who are treated here every day in this small space deserve a different holiday, an attention that their parents can not give due to lack of money and for lack of time, many because they do not really have the attention they need from their parents.

Day by day we provide support to approximately 20 children who come to our school where we provide support and help with the tasks, support and service we provide is completely free for the community "Las Casitas" who are people from very low resources, many do not go to school even for not having uniforms, notebooks, and we with recycled sheets we make notebooks, we bring colored pencils.

We work hard to make the little ones great people and future professionals.

In this vacation we decided to make a holiday plan, recreational activities and at the same time educational, with the intention that not only 20 children if not much more, and that the support we provide is greater.
Little by little we are conditioning the space that they lent us to work, there, I only ask you to please help us, collaborate to buy stationery, cleaning, to carry out this activity.



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@-ed- thank you very much friend, we really want to do a good job with these children they deserve it, many times they are missing because they do not have to eat, due to lack of notebooks, and to what we have been able to give support. These children deserve a better quality of life, they deserve a lot of attention. From here we want a better future and with the support of many we can achieve it, we need a lot of solidarity.
   2wk ago
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You as people of Venezuelan society/nation, same as people of every nation, need to cooperate, be strong, well educated and contribute to society any way you can, you need to work, and build, and not allow others to exploit you and your work. You can't rely on solidarity of others to help you out too much, its sad reality of the world.
   1wk ago
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@-ed- Do you think you can collaborate with us for at least $ 30 to buy colors, paste, pencils, scissors, material for children?
1 Box of 24 colors = 48,000 Bs S
1 scissor = 12,000 Bs S
1 Box of pencils (12 pencils) = 21,000 Bs S
1 Small paste = 15,000 Bs S
The Census we have is 27 children up to the moment.Of those we hope we can attend and everyone can attend.
Although you can collaborate I also have the purse that you recommended us to download,
   1wk ago
$10.00 $10.00 $10.00
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Thank you very much sir @-ed- with that we collaborated despite the fact that just started to lower the bsv and the amount was not the same, and also to change it in the exchange house was so much the commission that the change we got the equivalent at $ 21 and that despite everything we could use to complete with what we had to buy materials, all the stationery materials are in the clouds in these purchases that we did spend the ones that you collaborate us plus the funds that we have obtained and even We still need to buy materials but we did not reach the money, we lacked bond paper, crepe paper, glues, pencil sharpener and more colors. Although you want to continue collaborating with us very well received will be. Tomorrow we will deliver this material that we bought.
Here we spend $ 93.50 and we still need very important things.
   5d ago
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Today we made delivery of the materials we buy, they did not ask for help with more colored pencils, paste, bond paper, crepe paper, and sharpener.
Very grateful to you friend @-ed-
   4d ago