For the first time in human history, a decentralized and fair global gaming platform has been introduced, which is based on the most advanced block chain technology today. Bingo Coin brings a new paradigm of fairness, speed, transparency and security for the global gaming industry.Of course, the biggest incentive to play online is to win money first. Even if your country does approve traditional forms of gambling payment, the details of support make BOC more attractive. These include:
The fair -Bingo Coin block chain is completely transparent and broadcasts each transaction in real time. Each BOC game software component is open source and can be audited publicly. Provide quick, safe deposits and withdrawals for the punters, and immediately obtain funds to control each transaction.
Anonymous - BOC bets are done anonymously, and some online casinos only need you to create a user name password. Some "common currency" casinos require credit CARDS, utility bills and identity CARDS to prove their identity, inject funds into your account and eventually cancel the bonus. Not everyone likes to give so much information to random foreign casino employees.
Cheaper fees - when you use a credit card, bank transfer or wire transfer to an online casino, you almost always have to pay for processing. BOC's transaction costs are often minimal.
Access - some online casinos still restrict access to the blacklisted countries, but in most cases the big thing that BOC does for players is to get them involved in the game. You don't have to sacrifice your excitement for a country that doesn't match modern gambling.
Bingo Coin's mission is to provide a reliable, unlimited, secure and fast online gambling platform supported by the Libertas Chain. We'll put all the games into the smart contract, where no one can control the game. We provide a fair and random game for each player.  
The online platform,, will begin operations in June 2018, with games such as slot machines, roulette and sports betting. There will even be a separate category of arcade games. We also have a successful collaboration with Asia Live Tech, the entertainment industry, to use our technology to develop projects on the Bingo Coin platform. The platform extends to developers who are interested in introducing their business models through our platform; Join and build an online gaming platform that is not trusted, border-free, secure, fast and block chain support.  
The most important part is that our block chain is not limited to online gambling, it can be used for many other purposes. Like all other block chains, it is a free and secure super controller that is fully open source and can be used to host various other products.
We are offering an ICO public offering. After that, the whole development plan is about to begin, Bingo Coin.
It soon became a sensation in cryptocurrency markets. Join Bingo Coin ICO to enjoy the future.


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Why not just make the games for the bch blockchain? Why does this require it's own chain?
   1yr ago
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We are currently using ETH's smart contract. BOC will have its own network in the future.
   1yr ago