Trade this trade on Binance instead of Bittrex.
Binance is 0.1% fees and Bittrex is 0.25%. That's a huge savings.
So, I'm not going to go into much fundamentals on this post, because I've spent about a half hour researching Verge (XVG) and that's not enough to comment.
Good news, though. No red flags.
I know from the research I've done that it seems to be an old fork of Dodgecoin.
And the run seems to have been triggered from when John McAfee hyped it on his Twitter.
In this post there will be:
  • Trade structure, strategies, stops, and targets
  • How to handle trading a speculative market that may dump violently at the top
  • Multiple updates as price action progresses and as news progresses.
Average trade structure post so far has gone on for 24-48 hours and has had ~10+ updates provided along the way.
Stop the Organ Harvesting Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party


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Love me my privacy-based shitcoins, especially one that isn't ran by a blockstream shill *cough monero cough* Also John Mcafee, although a little off the deep end is generally a wise and intelligent individual. In his last interview he said a few things that interested me - First of all, that Jihan Wu is the most powerful individual on the planet. Secondly, that 50% of banking institutions will be forced to shut down in 5 years. Hope he is right.
   2yr ago
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@geoff2 - McAfee certainly is an interesting guy for sure. I have done virtually no research on Monero. The name fluffypony comes to mind though. Sound familiar?
Jihan is majorly underestimated imo. Verge is something I'm going to do some more reading on. Sometimes a project is good but doesn't get enough exposure until someone gives it some light.
   2yr ago
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Fluffypony is a douche, he hates on BCH every chance he gets and there is a picture of him wearing a UASF hat with a couple people high up in blockstream. He is also the lead developer of monero. Although XMR's coin fundamentals certainly are good, fluffypony is a joke just looking to profit from the artificial 1mb blocksize limit, and vocal about keeping it in place for that reason. I can't trust a coin ran by such an individual.
   2yr ago