"The Venezuelan authorities have warned that Guaidó's life is in danger as an errand boy at the hands of his masters, who could sacrifice him for considering him more useful dead than alive."
History is full of self-proclaimed kings, presidents and governors; if we look in literature we will also find many examples, some of those real or literary characters marked epoch, others were as protagonists of some hilarious anecdote, of some joke after dinner.
Adonijah, the son of Jagith, conspired with Joab the son of Zeruiah and the priest Abiathar, gathered his followers and relatives by the rock of Zochelet in Enoguel and proclaimed himself king of Judah behind David's back.
Don Fernando de Guzman proclaimed himself, "by the grace of God, Prince of Tierra Firme and Peru," ignoring obedience to King Felipe of Spain. Guzman was not willing to share the riches of the mythical Dorado with any king from across the Atlantic.
The England of the second half of the fifteenth century was a country plunged into a chaos of intriguing and changing alliances. Two irreconcilable sides, the Yorks and the Lancasters, fought a death struggle for the throne. The self-proclaimed kings multiplied; Ambitious men and women pushed hard for the crown.
In his book The Lesser Evil, Maruan Soto Antaki tells the story of Joshua Abraham Norton I, who called himself the Emperor of the United States and, later, protector of Mexico, at the end of the 19th century.
According to Mission Verdad review, a story published by Orlando Avendaño in the reactionary PanAm Post affirms that "the figure of interim presidency of Juan Guaidó arose in a meeting at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS)." According to Avendaño, at that meeting on December 14, the Secretary General, Luis Almagro, Julio Borges, Leopoldo Lopez, Maria Corina Machado and Antonio Ledezma conceived that the masterpiece of the anti-Chavez opposition would be to promote a "transitional government". missed the jokes. One such Anacleto Panceto announced on Twitter: "I, Anacleto Panceto, self-proclaimed Head of Spanish State. Notify Rivera, Casado and Abascal so they can support me. " Débora followed the rhyme: "If I say that I proclaim myself president of Argentina, who follows me?
Jaos Now, from his Twitter profile, proclaimed himself "Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussia, who told me that Trump is recognizing world leaders like crazy". Inna Afinogenova became the Empress of Russia. Luis Monta proclaimed himself "interim president" of Ecuador; Monta joins the Colombian Alejandro Muñoz and the Brazilian José de Abreu, who have declared themselves leaders of their respective countries in a humorous tone. Monta proposed a vaccination program against betrayal: "All newborns, children, young people, will have to be vaccinated to get a country free of traitors." The "self-proclaimed" president of Venezuela, Juan Gerardo Antonio Guaidó Márquez, knows that the condition of deputy does not grant impunity, only immunity. Guaidó is a citizen facing a criminal procedure, which received a clear and express order, which he did not know, when a citizen has failed to comply with a prohibition of the country, what corresponds to the Public Ministry is to request the judicial authority to revoke the measure precautionary by default, or that the judicial authority proceed to do so ex officio, tending, logically, to use a measure of greater weight against the citizen who did not know the order received.
The decision of the authorities should be expected and avoid constructing a scenario without having the necessary elements, "because what is expected is a decision of justice, reasoned and considered in accordance with the law".
The Guaidó case has all the characteristics, it has all the components of the type of operation prepared by the C.I.A. to overthrow governments that are not related to it-Now, as part of the work, an electrical sabotage leaves without electricity several regions of Venezuela and, without having spent five minutes, Marco Rubio comes to the fore to speak of chaos, of ungovernability in Venezuela. The new imperial puppet fulfills a US order: to provoke the Venezuelan authorities to seek his imprisonment. His own physical integrity is at stake, "the Venezuelan authorities have warned that the life of Guaidó is in danger as a messenger at the hands of his masters, who could sacrifice him for considering him more useful dead than alive."


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US used Saddam & Iraq to fight against Iran, then when no longer needed, attacked Saddam & Iraq.
US & UK (Capitalism) also used Germany (and its allies) to fight Soviet Union (to fight rise of Communism), then when Germany got defeated attacked them also (to save face, to hide the fact that US bankers created Nazis in the first place).
This is what every US puppet state/regime will get eventually... they use you when they want you to fight someone else, then when no longer needed, you become the target, this Guaido fucker will get same treatment.
   1yr ago