I decided to share a drawing I made of mythical creatures that for one reason or another, don't and shouldn't exist.
(sorry about how primitive the lightning and photography is. I had to try and fit this whole picture into my phone camera)
Mythical failures:
A counterpart to the beautiful Mermaid with the lower body of an attractive woman, and the upper body of a fish.
A magical 3 "horned" elephant creature with great powers.
Scentress: an enchanting smell siren with a flower for a head. She can't see anything, hear, smell, or taste; But she smells great!
A human that stands on all fours, and has hands for feet. Due to having an upper body Esq lower body, they wear upside-down tunics where pants should be.
Takreemtnaig: (spelled wrong in picture)
A giant meer kat destined for greatness. It's also the reincarnation of the messiah.
A relatively normal looking woman... With a missing eye. Despite the similarity between uniceye and cyclops, they are slightly different considering eye placement. Many uniceye go blind in they're single eye.
A bloodthirsty serpent monster with human arms and legs. Unfortunately for it, having a flexible snake torso makes holding it's arms up impossibly difficult.
Eye fairy:
A malicious, tiny sprite that sneaks into peoples homes at night, without making a sound, and magically steals their eyes. After eyeball theft, it leaves a quarter under the victims pillow.
Well, there it is! This is the first time I've posted a drawing, and assuming i do again I'll probably take the photo with more care.