This is another of my post giving my point of view, if you like my content you can give me a donation that helps me to pay for the medical expenses of my son Fascism is a relatively new phenomenon that was developed since the beginning of the last century, it seems to be well known by the population but I think that most do not know it thoroughly or have a distorted image of reality by the manipulation of the media and the story written by who cover them, so I want to make a description of what they really are Fascism was created by the capitalist bourgeoisie to confront and stop all the Communist revolutionaries that thanks to the teachings of Marx and Engels among many teachers managed to make the people see the exploitation and suffering to which they were subjected, as in Russia the October Revolution In 1917, led by Lenin managed to defeat the monarchy of the Tsars and create the Soviet Union with the triumph of Socialism, throughout Europe and the world began to spread the revolutionary ideas and triumphed the Chinese revolution and those of Cuba later, in addition to the revolutions that failed to triumph over bourgeois repression. The Anarchists have also been persecuted and killed by the Fascists and both have fought and annihilated the Fascisms since always. The bourgeoisie invented them are their mercenary and criminal products to maintain their oligarchic and exploitative power so that the Socialist revolutions did not triumph and take them out of their corrupt and criminal throne. The Capitalists tried to make a crude imitation of socialism by copying much of the Marxist symbolism and ideas to give it 180º and put it at their service, camouflaging the fascism of workers, Christian and nationalist struggle, A marketing product that they have known very well to publicize to face the working class among them, the true Communist revolutionaries and the new "patriots" at the service of multinationals, banks and oligarchies. They have been armed and brainwashed with absurd and xenophobic racist ideas to confront the different ethnic groups and divide the working class, sowing panic to the emigrants or to people of different religions, color and also atheists. Ideas without foundation and retrogrades applied by violent and sadistic methods. There are many types of Fascisms in addition to Hitler's Nazism, Mussolini's Fascism or Rivera and Franco, there are many more than these anthologies that are mostly history, without ignoring that in Spain they were not defeated and Franco applied a bloody coup dictatorship, but neither was condemned nor judged their murders, being part of their descendants of the current system, heir of Franco's Fascism, being until today allowed, supported and legalized even to stand in elections. Also in the whole world there are these mercenaries in the pay of Capital and their service, call paramilitaries in Colombia or Venezuela, Ku Klux Klan in North America, Neonazis in many countries of the world as in Ukraine today, Fascism of various Christian and Muslim characters as Al Qaeda and its son the ISIL funded by the Yankee Empire, Zionists, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, composed of Takfiries and various religious integrisms. As you see in each culture and country have their own Fascism tailored to local capitalism and adapted to their religions to brainwash the people and repress the revolutionaries, sowing ignorance and fear, with the excuse of their bourgeois nationalism persecute all those who do not give up and have a class conscience, to all who are not afraid of them or who allow themselves to be manipulated because of their hatred of the different, because we are all working class regardless of the origin we are. The reinvented Fascism will continue to be financed and directed by capitalism, which creates a "perverse monster" of alienated working class that often turns against them, but not because of being a working class we must shake hands because their hatred is so great that they would betray us at the first exchange, even when we defend their class interests, but they are "blind" who will die before they will realize how Capital has used them for their own benefit and once in power they are no longer considered as scum, but the communists and all the revolutionaries must be alert to fight them, unmask them not only the Fascists but their creators the Capitalists who are more evil than they are, the creators of their "Frankenstein" sent to decimate us. Some reformism believe in "good capitalism" that is a chimera because the capitalists besides being unscrupulous exploiters, use all their money and weapons to destroy and stop the proletarian revolutions, sending us fascist hordes to kill us and we do not get to Take power and end its abuse and domino. We are dominated politically and economically by a very small percentage of greedy and greedy millionaires, who with money buy almost everything and put at their service millions of manipulated citizens, without culture and blinded by hatred, to fight the conscious working class and they think for themselves and cry out for their emancipation. But for those who still have doubts how to distinguish them from the masses the Fascists can easily be known for having idolatry for the flag that symbolizes the oligarchy and monarchy, being sectarian, excluding, xenophobic and racist, they have a hatred for death to the emigrants, no respect to the different cultures be of the country or of the regions and much envy to the neighbor of the working class.


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