Definitely, the world of digital coins, little by little, step by step, with the passage of time has been covering different sectors and areas of modern society, with satisfactory results.
Proof of this is the action taken by a child and his or her father, where the second supports the former by creating a digital coin, which the child can use while playing video games and performing related activities.
It is George Weiksner, an 11-year-old boy, who in his childhood world designed a digital coin, especially to be used in connection with the manipulation of video games.
The motivation of the child arises from his or her own reality as a gamer, considering that he or she can buy and exchange different objects through direct contact with people in his or her immediate environment or in video shops, but without being able to do so through the internet network and between games.
The idea of the boy focused on the possibility of commercializing his achievements through video games, and in his eagerness, was reciprocated by his father, who funded the project, thus giving birth to "Quarters", the token "ERC-20", which if successful, can become the first universal digital currency of video games.
It is worth mentioning that, the idea and initiative arose in the context of a conversation between father and son, about virtual currencies; and in parallel, reality indicates and emphasizes the importance of the relationship between them, considering that mom and dad, have the task and responsibility of modeling the behaviors and personality of their descendants, without interfering in the tastes, preferences, interests and needs of their descendants.
In particular, I think that initiatives such as the one referred to in this post are worthy of admiration and comment in all social settings, as a way of encouraging citizens to participate in actions and activities aimed, on the one hand, at generating a better and excellent communication between parents and children, with confidence and support, and, on the other hand, at offering notions and instructions on digital commerce and coins, to children, preparing them in this way, for a better understanding of the world of digital money.


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