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Let's be clear.
The United States is not Capitalism.

   8mo ago
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United States is a nation, a state that promotes and protects Capitalist economic system, it does so because the state was corrupt right from the start, it has always been working for the rich people who got rich from the previous exploitable economic systems (Monarchy, Slavery, Feudalism).
People call Venezuela as Socialist... why? Becase it has Socialist policies, so do all of European countries. So why is it wrong to say that US is Capitalist? Its is not.
I know people hate me for saying these things, but its the reality.
The Capitalism meaning Free Market is just propaganda, this is not how Capitalism is defined, same as Bitcoin BTC is now defined by crooks as Store of Value, meaning the original definition has been changes, its how propaganda works, they change the labels and definitions behind them, they shift goal posts, they have done the same with Capitalism.
I am sorry this offends all the good people in US that want free trade, that want fair economic system (notice that all of you here like PoW principle which is the first time something has been created that uses that principle) but this is the reality of things, you are simply born into a system that has most propaganda.
Dobe4ever said to me that everyone is laughing at me, I said to her I don't give rats ass about what "everyone" thinks of me, if I cared about that and went and shaped my views so to suit their point of view, which I know is wrong, I would be just another sheeple and not a free thinker... "coincidentally" dobe also turned her back on original Bitcoin system, because she sees things that others want her to see (this is what I meant by in that video I made "If you focus on the wrong thing, you will miss the trick being played on you"
So yeah... If you want to hate me for saying these things, that's cool, to have right and good ideas to me is way more important then to conform with what masses are brainwashed into (I don't think you do hate me but if you did, I don't mind) :-)
I am very certain that Roger and many others that promote Bitcoin system and BCH don't like me saying these things, as all of them are pro-capitalism, as all of them see it as "Free Market"... all of them just accepted that false definition... as this is what those that actually use the system for their benefit, want you to think.
They are the ones that shaped people's perception about what Capitalism is.
PS: I am obviously talking to wrong audience about all of this and just wasting my time, its like trying to get an Atheist to make sense to religious group of people. Once you're fed one narrative your whole life and over many generations, me trying to explain that this is all wrong seems futile. I think I better just stop wasting my time.
   8mo ago
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It is not capitalism, it is much worse; call it capitalism is to do him a favor

   7mo ago