I've been having some fun with yours.org over the last few days. I must say, I like it.
Here are my initial thoughts, both the good, the bad and the ugly.
I like the concept of paying to post an article. I don't care to hear everyone's thoughts. If it is not worth a token amount to post it on the site, maybe it is not worth my time to see or read it. I don't understand how someone would be willing to spend 15 minutes of their life (or more) typing a post, and then NOT hit the publish button because it costs 10 cents. Yet, I can absolutely understand how someone engaged in 'shitposting' will not like it too much. For me, that is a positive.
I also like the concept of paying to read an article. But I'll be honest - it would limit what article I would click on. On a free site, I can click on an article, skim it for less than a few seconds, and hit the back button if the article is poor quality, or just plain trolling. On Yours, I am limited in skimming the free section to decide whether or not to buy the full article. Right now, most articles are free and use the Purchase button as a tip button. The Purchase button must be pressed before a comment can be made. That makes sense, why comment on an article you have not read. But when the purchase button is used as a tip button, and I want to comment, I'll pay three times. One to like the article (it's just the polite thing to do). One to purchase the article. And one to write a comment. Suddenly, I am paying 30c. That feels like a large amount somehow, even though it really is not. Maybe it's something I just have to get used to. Or maybe everyone who has purchased the article should get one comment free... I don't know. It just feels like paying double.
The concept of voting, where you get a small percentage of all subsequent votes, is very interesting. Does it really improve content quality? I don't know. Right now, I think people are upvoting because it is new and for the fun of it. In the future, I would think it would improve.
Back to the comments - I made a comment on TomZ's article the other day. It got quite a few upvotes (thanks everyone). It was my understanding that the fees would go into my wallet - at least partially, but I've not been able to determine that this happens. I've looked at block explorers when the comment was upvoted, and I don't think there were any incoming transactions there. Now, I don't really care too much about missing out on a dollar, or most likely less. But it's something that would have to be fixed.
I played around with tipping. It works well. I noticed that you can tip someone 0c. And, there is in fact a blockchain transaction that spends one utxo to yourself. It costs a fee, of course, and there is no tip being paid into another account. BUT, the other person does get a message in their Yours wallet stating that a 0c tip has arrived. Kinda funny.
Transaction fee estimation seems a bit off. I have transactions with one input and 15 outputs going at 203 satoshis fee. Then, I have transactions with 1 inout and 2 outputs, going at a 2032 satoshi fee. They are all confirming equally, so some tweaking seems necessary here.
For the team at Yours, I have a technical observation / question. Sorry guys, that one is behind the paywall! (There's also a suggestion)


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Hey Nakamoto,
Thanks for your great analysis. Some comments:
  • We definitely agree that paying to post increases quality - if it's worth your time to write, 10¢ is not much to ask, and it reduces the amount of spam and trolling. We will continue charging to post because it seems to be working.
  • We realize paying to read will limit reads, and that's fine. If it's worth your time to read, it's probably also worth a small payment. We're OK with fewer articles being "read" in that case - only pay for things worth paying for.
  • Right now the only way to earn money from voting is to vote, even if it's your own content. You have to vote on your own content to earn money from voting. We realize this is odd and we are changing the model to give one vote for free to the creator.
  • Thanks for letting us know about the bug for paying 0¢.
  • Transaction fees are also something we are working on - we can make them lower.
  • There is probably a bug with recording txids. We will investigate.
  • And yes, earning money for good answers to questions is definitely something we have on our radar :)
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