My love for wildlife started when I was in the 9th grade. I was born in Nepal and when I was 12 years old, my mom left for America to provide a better life for me and my brother. She'd visit every year or 2. And on one of these visits she took me to Chitwan National Park. This is where my love for the environment and all its inhabitants was solidified. I saw a tiger, gharials, rode an elephant, and the jeep I was in was even chased by a One horned rhino. I remember everyone being scared when the rhino charged the jeep head on, but I just remember being excited to witness such an event. Fast forward to 2009, I came America. I studied hard and received a Bachelors in Wildlife Science, I worked hard and spent multiple years working as a seasonal Fish and Wildlife technician. But due to certain prejudices, some bad luck, and the sheer dufficulty in attaining a Permamnet position due to their limited availability and the massive competion for these permanet jobs, I had to find other jobs and kill my dream of working with Wildlife for a while.
Here is my instagrams with pictures of cute pups:
I started working in Construction, and even worked for a moving business. I could feel myself dying a little everyday when I worked these jobs. I was slowly fading away, but then something hit me. Maybe, I can put my love for the environment and animals to use by working for myself. I started dogsitting, which I continue till this day. And now I have also started making jewelry using sustainably harvested flor and fauna. Everyday, I can feel a part of me being restored. I feel happy again, and I can only hope that these businesses become successful, and that I once again get the chance to work with the Beautiful creatures of nature.

My dream was paused for a while, but now I am pressing play and heading forward.



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