hey there folks. this website looks to be a less-confusing version of that steemit website, so i thought i'd give it a go.
my name is mark and im a musician who releases stuff on the internet every once in a while. my eponymous lp is the example of my work i usually send to people, but if you'd like, you can browse my entire discography, which is free to stream & download.
my profile here will probably double posts from my website, which consist mostly of soundcloud embeds or long-winded rambling. i dont see doing much in the way of paid-only content personally, but if there's ever a demand for some of my real obscure older demos & miscellaneous insanity, i could figure something out.
'few other random fun facts to close out this post (which may be the subject of future posts):
  • i run linux on my laptop but im bored of the nerd/hype culture that surrounds said operating systems.
  • i have too many parallel side projects & concept albums that never get finished.
  • proper capitalization is overrated.

k thx for reading. ;)

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Welcome :)
I listened to some of your songs. Nice lyrics. Great to have another creative artist here.

   1yr ago
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welcome, mark!
   1yr ago