Hi everyone!

Here we are with our first PostIT challenge: a work of fiction!

We want to boost your creativity and discover your imagination, no matter how your story will develop, just unleash your creativity.

The price you can win in this challenge are the following:

1st win 200$

2nd win 20$

3rd win 5$

The other participants will not get prices but a lot of attentions, votes and comments.

How do we select the winners?

The winners are those who get more votes.

How to participate?

To know that you need to go to the paid content of this post where you'll find the guidelines.

By paying this article, you are actually joining the challenge and also you are helping us to funding our challenge. You are both a sponsor and a candidate ^__^

In fact, currently we do not have other funding available other than our community support. Hopefully we get more funds to do bigger price soon.

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What a great post - excellent work!