Good evening to all friends of Yours I tell you that this program is the first meetup for the Venezuelans and the First will be in the City of Barquisimeto
We will do it in simultaneous with the first bch meetup in my city, Barquisimeto and as an ambassador of Bitcoin Cash Fund I invite all those who have acquaintances in Barquisimeto to incorporate this very important activity for all Venezuelans
The Social Network Yours needs more publicity among Venezuelans, we are the ones who need it most and it needs us to promote the use and contribute ideas.
But to come to this social network you need:
  • Bring people with digital profile
  • Enthusiasts of the criptmonedas
  • People with computer experience
  • Young entrepreneurs
We have to train, educate and explain in workshops such as the social network, its operation and how among all have economic freedom and develop a competent community, no matter where in the world you are
Share this post and like it, soon come the photos of the event after the 25 of this month


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Hola soy nueva en esta plataforma, aun hay cosas que no entiendo mucho apenas tengo 1 dia por aca, me hubiese encantado participar en el meetup. Espero poder encontrar tutoriales, o alguien que me explique un poco mas...! :D Saludos
   8mo ago