The idea is to incorporate the avant-garde elements of cryptocurrencies into the lives of customers.
Joel Greenberg, tax collector for Seminole County in Florida, said in a recent statement that his office will include Bitcoin Cash as payment methods, in order to settle payments associated with driver's licenses, identity documents, plates and automobile titles, as well as the respective property tax.
This decision comes in an attempt to speed up the collection of fees, reduce the likelihood of fraud, identity theft and increase both transparency and accuracy of payments.
In the words of Greenberg:
"My goal is to make our clients' experience faster, smarter and more efficient, and to bring government services from the 18th century to the 21st century." Including cryptocurrencies in our payment options is a way to fulfill this aspiration. "
Likewise, Greenberg explained that the volatility in cryptocurrency prices is something that can not affect the county. This initiative marks the first government-level partnership with BitPay, the famous Bitcoin payment processor.
Jeremy Beaudry, representative of the county, revealed that the decision was made thanks to the recognized financial potential of Blockchain, because with this technology, payments become faster, safer and generate less costs.
However, Greenberg's office is not the only government entity that has considered accepting cryptocurrencies to pay taxes. So far this year, lawmakers in Arizona and Georgia have proposed initiatives that would allow citizens to pay their state tax commitments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, both, at least for the time being, without going into effect.