Why a person's positive impact on society can be used to calculate the portion of the total value of the newly mined block, that is given to the person as a reward for his contributions.

This is an attempt to include social flow into decentralized way of crypto doctrine. How can we understand the power of information and model it?Flow [1] is scientifically characterized by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi [2] as a psychological state by which we feel immersed in an activity that is personally fulfilling, usually meaning we are performing well in a task given. When our feedback from an activity is positive we feel pleasure and joy. We can also see it as a game in which we can identify indicators to measure our success. After we finally fulfill the task and receive a reward we feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness. See it as archetypes [3] of our culture. This reward should be spiritual, and connected to the game that we play. How can we improve our flow state given the right game mechanics to maximize our potential in crypto system?We believe and live it every day. We flow through our days unknowingly facing volatile states of realities. Page Rank is the random probability of a single internet surfer to visit a given website. This concept can be generalized by looking at a website as just a node in a directed graph. We are interested in the graphs produced by various social networks. The Rank that our PageRank calculates for the nodes in our social network (one node representing a single user account) can be seen as an objective metric of this person's impact on society. Meet Proof of Flow.
[3] According to C. Jung, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious, derived from the images of our dreams.

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The page rank we get due to time spent on our social networks is now the value we are getting for time spent on decentralized networks like yours,steemit etc.
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