So easy that many times it is done incorrectly, for the eagerness to go out playing fast, the throw-in is one of the ways to start the game, after the ball came out of the bands of the field. When the ball leaves the field the player or team players can not start the game without first performing the service allowed by the rules of the game.
FIFA, which is the world's highest football organization, is very clear when it talks about the rules of the right way to take a throw-in. I with my boys with a real game simulation, in which at the moment when the ball went out for the band, they had to rotate to take the throw-in, obviously in the correct way. The exercise is very simple, but we must bear in mind that in real games, only the lateral ones, have the opportunity to do these resumptions.
Taking out from the band is extremely simple, the rules mention that "The player who will make a throw-in must hold the ball with both hands, and both feet must be touching the ground at the time of the throw-in. releasing the ball must do it over his head and from behind it (the head) "
If these movements do incorrectly, the referee will sing poorly, and possession of the ball will pass to the opposing team. Many times this type of play is not sung, because simply the speed of the game does not allow to observe these plays in detail, or simply he believes that it is not a play that is not necessary for him to be able to sing it, but if he does he could remove our team an opportunity to attack in which we could make the goal of victory, that is why I always explain to my players the correct way to make a throw-in.


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