Hello friend to yours.org! Today's message is about something important for me, my mother and my special daughter. Flower my muse and special person for months after going on vacation to the capital of my country "Venezuela" thanks to the water services and the government. due to its lack of maintenance, most of the water was contaminated in several states of the country and among that one of the drugs is my grandmother, her eyes have not stopped tearing since the last time she went to Caracas.
After several symptoms with different medical reports that indicated that he had from conjunctivitis, allergies, infections; They sent him medicines, plantain compresses, they cleaned the tear. None of them worked! they only caused him pain and anguish.
Today they checked it, they dilated the pupil, it was discovered that it is what happens in their eyes and, therefore, that the grandmother "Florangel" has the congested tear duct because of the contamination, so an ambulatory operation is essential , because if it is not uncovered a time requires a more expensive operation where it is required to open the nose to place an apparatus that clean the tear duct.
My grandmother Flor is a person with a lot of love, humble She is a warrior! Although I am asking her to tell me exactly what the ophthalmologist told her, she does not know that I am doing a publication about her, she has always cared for others and left her last job. This ambulatory operation would cost about 20,000 sovereign bolivars to say $ 200 plus expenses for medicines and treatments, around $ 350 may vary the more days pass can raise the price.
Thanks to the collaboration of the Yours.org community I have already raised $ 65... Thanks -ED- and other people in the community grateful to all of you.
Penultimate appointment with the ophthalmologist, unfortunately today they did not give him the recipe
She deserves the most beautiful things. She's the best! So, I put my two cents, hope you're reading, I'll get to your heart and you've sent me help a fundraiser for your outpatient operation in your eyes.
Thank you!


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