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Oh but
"Socialism is evil, Commies and Socialists want to rule the world! These are real good patriotic hard working capitalist and entrepreneurs who make everything happen, because... bla bla bla"
oh and
"Manduro is dictator, he is evil to his people... bla bla bla"
...while in Venezuela, a guy that came out of nowhere (who has connections to CIA) declares himself as president of Venezuela, the "peace loving" US government accepts him, declare him as president, while actual democratically elected president is declared as dictator... while at the time US is always labeling themselves as defending democracy, freedom and shit, but in truth they are complete opposite, they are killing millions of people every year in wars for capitalist profiteering...
And here we have "democratic, free, good and just" western ally, France... where organic uprising of the people is not even reported in western media, about to be banned public protests completely... un-fucking believable!
This... is going to get into global war, things like this won't stop, and won't reverse unless there are revolutions going on in US, UK, France... and I can see this happening in France... but UK? US? People there are just too ignorant, too selfish, too brainwashed, I've lost words...
This is so sickening... Fascism in Capitalism is showing more and more... they didn't fund Nazis in WWII for nothing, they don't fund terrorism for nothing... its good business for them and they want the working people divided, and under economic slavery of Capitalism.
I just can't understand that there are still so many people that defend Capitalism, defend Trump... this is literally what Fascists in Germany did just before WWII started... how many Americans even know that it was those "evil Soviets" that defeated those Fascists and not western allies? How many Americans know that their own government never prosecuted (and they knew about) the deals American capitalists (even Ford did it, the great American, isn't he) made with Nazis, even profited from slave labor camps, which were then sold as Jewish Holocaust... Americans don't know any of this.
I find you to be one of the very few Americans, that know all this and one of the very few, that talk about all this... you can take 90% of American population and just take out their brains, they would function the same... like brainless brainwashed zombies.
   7mo ago