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Doing something to show your skill before you get a job is one thing, for example what artists or designers would do, but some company making you do job for them, off of which they make profits, and you are not paid... is 100% exploitation. Businesses that do this are abusing bad situation of other people in order to profit from it. If the business doesn't like what person is doing, then don't hire them, but they SHOULD pay them for their work.
Adding to this, ANY profits that someone takes which is created by work of others is also exploitation... and Capitalist system is created for that very reason, to allow rich people to use their capital, hire other people, use their skills and work, to make profits for themselves... which these capitalists then use to buy out political power and in turn become the deep state... as it has been case with America since it creation. This is actually the case is European capitalist nations also, only people there have learned better and adopted (forced their state to adopt it) Socialism which is used to make those rich capitalists to pay back the extreme wealth they extracted from the workers, so that it comes back into economy and is not hoarded by them.
   10mo ago