Caitlin Long, Wall Street insider is driven to ‘set the markets free’. Unlearning everything she knew about economics and embracing Bitcoin is her strategy. The Forbes columnist and economic influencer knows the future is in crypto- her mission is to convince you. 
Caitlin Long might be known for being a super evangelist of Bitcoin - but she hasn't always been 'team crypto'.
In an interview with Matt Aaron, on his show Humans Of Bitcoin, Caitlin spoke about her years as boss at Morgan Stanley, moving from Wyoming and her law degree-that she's never used.
Alongside her role heading up pension funds on Wall Street, she spent her free time delving into Austrian Economics. As she became more involved- the more she realised Wall Street maybe wasn't the best place to 'free the markets'. Then she discovered Bitcoin.
Working at Wall Street went against what Caitlin really believed in- enough so, that she had to go undercover to Bitcoin events and meet-ups.
But that didn't stop her. She's now a maven for Bitcoin in her hometown of Wyoming, President of and reassuring people that, 'money is, whatever you think it is.'
Listen to the deep conversation here:



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