This the start of a quick series where I explain Bitcoin Cash in digestible bits.
As you might know, or hopefully should, almost anything positive to do with cryptocurrency is riding on technology and mass use. Without it, it is all but a void of speculation. Very early on, I had decided through my own research, that cryptocurrencies outside of the Bitcoin ecosystem are more of less still stumbling in the dark. They don't have solutions to things already solved.
This might seem odd to most of the people on the markets, who like to gamble and place their bets, as if they are playing Roulette. But the most exciting thing about Bitcoin's design, is that you don't need to do any of that to win. You win when Bitcoin wins.
Bitcoin was designed to scale. Bitcoin was born on this path, and this is the path that developers and supporters will ultimately pave its way towards: Fair money.
Many people and forces will try to stop it. The war is against old money system and the old ways of control, and the endless inflation that destroys people's wealth and livelihood. The old overlords do not appreciate the sand slipping from under their feet, they will not rest, yet it is inevitable for them, that their time will end.
Bitcoin will be the machine that replaces corrupt controllers of money, their families, and the private institutions that print and dictate the supply as their mainstay of wealth. It will also replace the failed leaders who inflate away the economy and lives of those of whom they are supposed to lead and protect.
To the deluded, Bitcoin Cash is spoken of as a "scam" coin, or "copy", or "fraud". To the awakened, there is only one Bitcoin: The one that scales.
It's path will not be stopped. It will transform, it will flow through many paths, and has already been known through different names. It is like the river that cannot be tamed. You try to block it, it forks, and flows on. Many great builders will be part of constructing the grand architecture. It is not only digital money, it is a moral goal, which is why the conviction and passion to see it made, is so strong. Those who want it to succeed, give their life and blood to see this system completed. It is already taking shape.
Welcome to the beginning of the future.


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