Hello, folks! Wait, don't go away after seeing so much text, read through :)
This is not for medical expenses or any life-threatening emergencies. I am not in desperate need for help to save someone's specific life. BUT, something useful and truly beautiful can come out of this. I am trying to fund projects that WILL give back to those who have given and to our human society at large.
My name is Araksa. I am a martial artist, a certified personal trainer, a freelance writer, and - the most important - a mother. Right now my teachers, my friends, and I create lots of projects for adults and kids alike in the world of natural fitness practices, martial arts, meditation, wilderness survival (and happy life), and healthy lifestyle.
Before you leave or keep reading (I know most people don't read through...) please check out this page of my teacher to see that we are REAL people and not some Internet beggars looking for easy cash. And even if you don't donate - add us on Instagram, I'll be happy to see you there too ))
No, we are not sitting at home and waiting for the world to donate us everything. We all work to make money, and because of that, the time we dedicate to our true passions is limited. We do what we do at nights instead of sleeping, and during our days off and weekends - or just any minute we can. I personally work on projects while I drive (talking to people, making voice records that I later put on paper, etc.), I do my martial arts workouts while I am with my child in the park, I even eat my food standing in a horse-stance or in a plank )) I sleep 2-3 hours a day to be able to do the things we do (and I feel good because we have practices for shortening sleep time without any damage to the body - but those specific practices are not for everyone). I mean to say - we use every resource and every moment available.
We love what we do, and we are determined to show as much as we can to the world and inspire others. We are already on it, but mostly in Russian language. As an English speaker, I personally wish to translate things and expose them to the English-speaking world as well.
We have personal and martial arts blogs and YouTube channels where we show and tell people about things they won't find anywhere else. As of now, all the information we post and record, and all our practices are free to the Russian-speaking public or they are donation-based (people can simply give as little as $1 to support us if they can). Some of our martial arts practices come from sources that are not described anywhere in detail, and we want to show them to people and find friends and practitioners who will learn and grow with us.
We have two beautiful, thoughtful, and practical books about martial arts, life, and philosophy, and I guarantee that these books - if translated - will resonate with many. I also wish to make audio versions of these books after translating them.
Creating this content as well as keeping up practice while working regular jobs takes A LOT OF TIME and ENERGY. Creating it makes me very happy, and I want to share it with everyone.
Why do I need financial help? Because I want to be able to do more and to do faster than I am already doing now. I want to go to the next level and help these things to get public exposure. I want to be able to dedicate more time to something that will be beautiful and useful for many people in terms of health, emotional well-being, self-defense, inner harmony, and other aspects.
I am not asking you to give me millions just because I am too lazy to make money myself. What I am asking is a little donation, an EXTRA BOOST from people out there who might be interested in things we are passionate about. Even 10 cents from a bunch of people can form a considerable amount of money, even if I collect just a hundred dollars it will free me a lot of time to translate our website, a series of videos, or a part of the book, and put it out there for everyone to see.
I am a 100% confident that things I am talking about WILL be interesting and inspiring to many people. I will do them anyway, my friends and I will deliver them anyway. But with your help we could do much more and much faster, and with better quality (right now we use our smartphones and old cameras to make videos, and NO, our smartphones are not those fancy iPhones)))
Please, click here to watch some examples of our training for those who want to go beyond just "fitness" (but we do "just fitness" and make it fun and interesting as well). There are only four short videos, and we have much more than that. We have videos about different types of training, practices with fire, being able to touch fire, to stop your own heartbeat, to survive in icy cold water... We have safe exercises for kids, special programs for people with physical limitations, and even cool practices for those who DON'T HAVE ANY TIME to practice ))
I already started working on my translations of many useful and inspiring videos and articles, and they will be coming out soon on our still very young English YouTube channel ) I will be sharing a lot here, on this website, and on our English-speaking blogs. Add me as a friend if you want to keep in touch and if you have any interest in such things)
If you can, send me a tip or any donation you feel like sending. All money donated will be used strictly to push forward our projects, and NOT for personal gain in terms of buying stupid junk stuff (we are heavily against any type of consumerism and go for minimalism lifestyle instead. In fact, we write and record a lot about modern consumerism craziness and dependencies).
If you cannot donate - I thank you for reading this and I hope to see you on our pages anyway)
Those who donate will be the first ones to receive translated content if they wish. If I see that we are getting help from there, I will send out eBooks and links to translated videos and webinars to those whose names appear here.
Thanks again for reading, guys and girls
Stay wonderful!
PS. There is nothing behind the wall


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