Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing exponentially in the decade. It has already been touching our lives in ways that you might not even notice. For instance, each time you go on Google search some sort of AI is being used to show you the best result. Every time you ask SIRI a question. Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition is being used. So, AI will most likely be the one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the 21st century.
Well, AI is the board area of Computer Science that makes machine seem like they have human intelligence.
So, what makes a machine intelligent? To make a machine intelligent, the machine has to overcome these 3 steps :
  1. Deep Learning
  2. Machine Learning (ML)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The backbone of AI is ML. We want to make machines learn based on it's knowledge and make decisions. Machine learning can be understood in two major components. One is to use algorithms to find meaning in some random data and the second part is to use that learning algorithms to find relationship between that knowledge and improve that learning process.
By gaining Deep learning and machine learning, a machine can obtain AI.
*** Some of the activities computers with AI are designed with :
  1. Speech recognition
  2. Knowledge
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Learning
  5. Planning
  6. Ability to manipulate and move objects
*** Here are some example's of AI :
  1. Microsoft's "CORTANA"
  2. Apple's "SIRI"
  3. "HAL" from Space Odessey
  4. "JARVIS" from IRON MAN and at last our "SOFIA"
*** Cool Things AI doing now :
  • Robotics : Mars rover, Humanoid Robots, Entertainment Robots, Doctor Robots.
  • Machine Leaning : Finding patterns from the huge amount of data that is just too big for humans to analyze.
  • Language System : Automatic Translation. You type, it types back.
  • Speech System : You talk, it types.
  • Vision System : Face recognition and enhancement, Automated driving, Visual tracking System.
At last, The FUTURE of AI ------------ Many geniuses predicted that AI will take over the world. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates & Eion Musk in a book all warned about the dangers of intelligent robots. They warned us about a time when humans will lose control of intelligent machines and being enslaved or exterminated by them. Some say the'll become self protective and seek resources to better achieve their goals. They'll fight us to survive and they won't want to be turned off in worst case scenario.
Wait a minute! WHAT? We are talking about the machines that can hardly do tasks and robots that can hardly walk?? LOL
So, here are the real Futures of AI --------------
AI will change our lives awesomely. It will never overpower us. It will IMPOWER us.


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