First, I cannot thank @cgcardona and everyone at the BCF #BITBOX channel enough for their help with getting this together.
bch-stresstest is a concept app that can be used as a starting point to claiming the stress test bounty. Please be very careful if you choose to run this. Source and usage information available at:

Demo Usage

After starting, a new HD wallet will be generated and a stress testing address will be displayed.
It will then wait for coins to arrive at that address.
When a utxo is found, the number of addresses to split the utxo into will be displayed. Then the split transaction will be broadcast. One confirmation of this transaction is required to avoid exceeding the mempool chain limit.
Once the split tx is confirmed, stress test transactions will immediately begin broadcasting.
Finally, the number of successful transactions will be displayed.


  • An RPC connection to a node is required to send the transactions quickly. Use the second bitbox constructor and add a 3.5 second sleep before each send to broadcast without a node
  • Transaction batching to a server (such as bitbox rest) is needed to run as a trustless web app
  • Only one split transaction is made, this limits the number of transactions in one run to ~75k
  • Only tested up to 1,800 transactions so far
  • Sending 100+ parallel transactions to a 2 cpu node is fast but can yield a ~50% failure rate. The parallel code is commented out for this reason and serial is used instead which should broadcast at least ~200tx/minute

Good luck to everyone competing for the bounty!


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