Greetings community of YOURS.ORG, my name is Emilio Cabrera I have been living in Venezuela for 34 years, I work in the pretrolera company of my country in a management that has allowed me to have a lot of contact with people especially with the most unassisted.
I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing the good news of new salvation which also has allowed me to give a little support to those who need it by doing a little social work.
I learned about this platform and I wanted to share my experience with you to share with the neighbor in these difficult times that is going through our country. And motivate them to make the charges lighter as much as possible.

This is not always so simple because we do not have the resources we wanted to help many more but always united with the collaboration of some friends we went ahead and changed the days of some people.
Here we share a beach day with some food, recreation and most importantly the word of God. We pray to God to touch the hearts of many and provide us to give more often days like this to many more people.



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Good work God continue blessing helping the needy is wonderful, welcome to YOURS.
   6mo ago