It was not possible. His ship had deviated from the course. Now all were lost in the vast universe. Nobody had gone that far. Hilas was the only one who had been awake for longer than agreed. All the other crew members had agreed to hibernate during the trip and would take turns to watch the journey. In the blog they had to write everything down and with the help of Shirka, the central computer, they would track the planet with the best habitable condition.
The crew was composed of few people. The NCC-1701 was a reconnaissance mission. The planet was dying and they had to locate another planet to survive and that the species did not end up extinct. They had sent several ships through the vast universe, these ships had to collect all the information about the possible planets.
Polites was the one in charge of the ship at that time and did not recognize that site in the galactic map. They were 10k light years away. They could no longer be returned, there were few provisions left; I would not reach for a return trip. So they would have to continue.
He had to go and wake everyone or he had to keep saying nothing. I thought Polites.
Shirka made a scan of the universe sector and found an old map in her files. It dated from eons ago, nobody had noticed that map.
Polites dedicated to study it and there it was found that they were in Madam Maxime, a part of the space that had not been explored, nobody made reference to her. This is how he wrote in the Polites blog.
Madam Maxine was at the edge of the universe. Until now they only knew the galaxies surrounding the Milky Way: Aletea, Yara, Cuarajhy, Kami, Piuchén and there was no planet that fit human needs. Polites was tired, he could not do it anymore and he needed to leave everything ready in the binnacle so that Phineus could continue the search.
Madam Maxine consisted of four planets, apparently. Polites decided to send the reconnaissance ships. The next day they brought him the required information. Polites went to his room on the ship and dreamed of a planet with clean air, green meadows, with hope.
When he got up, he asked Shirka to read the report of the ships. According to the toponymy of each of the planets, only Glaistig, as he called it, met the ideal conditions to inhabit it. With joy after so much surfing in hyperspace he went to the hibernation capsules and woke the other crew members: Phineus, Hilas and Ulysses. When they were awake and disoriented, they asked him why he had awakened them. Hilas explained that when it was his turn the ship took a turn when trying to dodge a meteor shower and that he had left it written in the binnacle, explanation that they missed.
They all found that there was nothing written about a meteor shower in the blog. They attributed this forgetfulness to the exhaustion caused by the mission.
Polites explained that they were in the galaxy of Madam Maxine, on the edge of the horizontal universe. That it was very small, since it consisted of four planets. The reconnaissance ships had returned with very good news. The planet Glaistig was the ideal to transfer humanity.
Everyone was happy and ready to put on their suits. They wanted to step on land.
While they were on their way to the planet, Polites remembered his dream.
When landing, they did it in a plain and from there a valley with a stream could be seen. Suddenly, they heard voices, in a strange language. As they approached, they saw some beautiful women with long and iridescent hair, their voices were sensual and captivating. The crew were dazzled by the beauty of the inhabitants of the planet.
One of them noticed and looked at the others. They looked at each other. Until behind them appeared the most beautiful of all and tried to communicate:
Shirka did not recognize that language. Communication was impossible.
One of them approached Polites enough and placed a hand on his temple and was able to understand the language of the beautiful creatures. He asked his classmates to allow them to play.
Celestial, as Ulysses had called her because of her blue and hypnotic eyes, told them that they could take off their weird outfits. The atmosphere was according to your planet. They all took off their suits and could feel the grass under their feet and the warm hand at their temples.
The beautiful creatures told him that they were the first crewmen they saw in their lives, that given the distance of their galaxy nobody visited them and they were there alone.
Phineus asked them who else inhabited the planet. They answered that only they. The others went to look for other worlds. The beautiful women asked him to bathe and rest.
The crew of NCC-1701 explained that their planet was dying and their species was about to become extinct. They told him that they could take all their species there, the planet was big enough to hold millions and they enjoyed practically the same as there was in their blue planet.
Ulysses went to the ship to send a message to the other reconnaissance missions: "Prepare the extraction ships. We have found a planet to inhabit. It is found in the Madam Maxime galaxy. It is constituted by four planets. We are now on the planet Glaistig. Its inhabitants are very hospitable".
When returning from the ship Ulysses and Phineus did not find their other companions, Celestial told them that they were on the other side of the valley, the others had taken them to explore for future settlements. He offered them water and they drank it as if from a desert. Ulysses and Phineus drank and drank as much water as Celestial gave him.
Phineus woke up from his strange dream. Had done his job very badly. There were missing notes in the binnacle. They had been lost in space and could not find a way back. Suddenly he heard the voices of help on the communication channel. It was a ship and they asked for help. He allowed them to enter and there she was. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen. A planet came from Glaistig, lodged in the galaxy Madam Maxine. His planet had been destroyed by an entity that was powered by an energy source.
Ulysses read the log. They had collided and there they were on that planet. The atmosphere was suffocating. It was very hot. I felt very thirsty. I wanted to drink and drink water. He had walked a lot trying to get his companions. I thought they had surely died when they crashed. I did not remember anything. But there he was, in that kind of cave. Someone was talking to him. His eyelids were heavy. Somnolent. He did the impossible until he woke up. She was there and was giving him a drink.
Hilas could no longer stand that confinement, he had been captured. He suffered every morning with that implausible interrogation. They did not understand him and neither did he. If it were not for the sweet creature that brought him something to drink every day, he would have died a long time ago. What would have happened to his companions. He thought again of the sweet and beautiful creature with iridescent hair.
Polites was on a planet with clean air, green meadows, with hope. With beautiful creatures that took him to explore uncooked lands.
The crew of Reconnaissance Mission NCC-1701 had been captured in the vortex of a strange galaxy. They were between Madam and Maxine. They were not the first to get stuck there, they were not the first to suffer a collision. The beautiful creatures that inhabited their dreams, were nothing but horrifying creatures. Their face resembles a snake and their body is full of suckers with which they absorb the vital energy of living beings. The fate of the NCC-1701 was to repeat his dream until the other delicious creatures of the blue planet arrived.


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