Venezuela has been experiencing a terrible economic crisis for more than 5 years. Since that time, my family and I have lost so many things and quality of life. I left my university studies myself to start working and bring some food to my house. There was a time when there was only one light bulb to light the apartment in which I live. The other rooms were dark at night and we lived like that. We also have more than 5 years without a refrigerator and my mother's car was damaged and it is already impossible to repair it with just the salary of an average worker. This is only enough to eat enough and not starve. I have nothing, I only live with my mother and brother, they are my everything.
Little by little, I was able to collect some money through the internet for and pay for my culinary studies. I haven't finished them yet, but they allowed me to enter this wonderful world of cooking. I got a better job, from which I have been able to gather something to start a small bakery business.
I do it for my family, for my mother. It is my duty to help my family and my mother who have given me so much in this life. I thank God for giving me my family, I love them. My greatest desire is to start this small business and see how I can improve my family's life through my effort.
I have been through many problems and I still have many. However, I trust God, that everything will continue to go well. All these stumbling blocks and bad situations have been a great lesson for my life and without them I would not be here: about to start my first small business.
With or without capital to start, I risk doing so. Because love for my family is what moves me. I am looking for some financial help that drives me towards the goals of my plan, if you can help me I will be very grateful. I will continue on the road without fear because I know that God is with me, Amen.


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